Rental Inspection Checklist - What to Look for When Inspecting Your Hamilton Home

Inspecting your Hamilton rental home is an important part of ensuring it’s well-maintained. It also allows you to check in with your residents and make sure they have everything they need to feel safe and comfortable. The most important inspections will happen before and after the tenancy because you’ll be able to document the condition of your investment and use the inspection report to create a maintenance record.

When you’re creating a rental inspection checklist, make sure you pay attention to these essential elements.

Rental Inspections: Health and Safety Issues

When you’re inspecting your property, make sure it’s habitable. Look for functioning smoke detectors and make sure the doors and windows lock securely. Fix any loose or broken handrails on stairs, and be sure the exterior lighting is adequate. You don’t want to see any trip hazards in the carpet or flooring. Trim away branches that may be covering windows.

Before your tenant moves in, you need to make sure that all of the health and safety issues are addressed. These are critical, and you’re legally required to address them immediately.

Rental Inspections: Systems and Appliances

You’ll also want to make sure everything works properly. Before a tenant moves in and you’re conducting your inspection, check the plumbing by turning on every faucet. Look under sinks for signs of leaks, and flush the toilets. Run the washing machine and the dishwasher and turn on all the showers and the water in the tubs. Check the electrical systems as well. Test each outlet to make sure it works, and turn on all the lights. Replace any light bulbs that aren’t working.

You want to inspect the appliances as well. Tenants will expect that their refrigerators, washers, and dishwashers are all functioning before they move in. If you make sure everything is working before tenants move in, you’ll have fewer maintenance and repair calls as the tenants are settling into their new home.

Inspecting Occupied Properties

It’s a good idea to inspect your property at least once during a tenancy. This allows you to look for any unreported maintenance items. Tenants don’t always feel a sense of urgency about reporting repair needs, so this is your opportunity to avoid deferred maintenance and keep up with minor repairs before they become larger and more expensive.

This is also an opportunity to look for violations of the lease agreement. Hopefully, you will get inside the property and see that the tenant is maintaining it properly and following the terms of your rental contract. If there are violations, you can address them right away.

Documenting your Inspections

If you’re working with a professional Hamilton property management company, you should expect detailed inspection reports that come with photos and perhaps even videos. If you’re managing on your own, make sure you create your own documentation. You want to put together a record of your property’s condition – before move in, during the lease, and after the tenant moves out. Take a lot of pictures and make a lot of notes on your checklist.

We have experience conducting thorough rental inspections for our owners and investors. If you’d like some help inspecting your rental property or additional tips about what to look for, please contact us at Spotted Properties.