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Tenant FAQs

When is rent due?

Rent is always due on the first day of the month.

What if I am late on my rent?

If rent is not paid on the first (1st) day of the month, we will send a rent notice to remind you that your rent payment is due. If payment is still not received on the 2nd day of the month, you will be served with a legal notice that may follow up with an eviction order. We offer many convenient payment methods to assist you to pay your rent on time.

How long does it take to process my application?

If all documents have been properly submitted, your application can be processed by 2 business days. This process may take longer depending on the information given.

What if my application is denied?

If you provided a deposit, this will be returned to you.

What if I change my mind after putting down a deposit?

Your deposit is non-refundable. However, the deposit can be applied to another unit offered by Spotted Properties.

How much notice is required to vacate the property?

You are required to provide 60 days’, written notice to end your tenancy and it must end on the last day of the month. Please note a 60 days notice to vacate does not apply during your lease agreement and you must wait until 60 days prior to the expiry of your lease before giving notice.

What if I want to break my lease and move out early?

If you break your lease and move out early, you will be responsible for the monthly rental payments on your rental unit until it is re-rented or your lease expires, whichever comes first. Any outstanding rent charges that are not paid will be turned over to a collection agency for processing and might become part of your permanent credit history.

In the event of an emergency in my rental unit, who do I call?

Always call 911 for any life, fire, or police emergencies.

Please call our emergency line 1(888) 486-5590 for the following Emergency Services immediately:
• No heat in the winter
• A plumbing leak or sewer blockage which threatens damage to personal property or the premises
• No electricity
• Any condition which could be a fire hazard
• Gas leaks or gas odours
• Lock-outs
• Break and Entry

Do I need to have tenant's insurance?

It is mandatory that all tenants carry their own personal “tenant’s insurance” as the property insurance does not cover items such as theft, fire, smoke, water leak and/or other damage to the tenant’s belongings.

I'm locked out of my unit, what do I do?

If you lock yourself out of your home, you may call your Property Manager to grant access.

During business hours, a charge of $25.00+HST will apply; however, you can choose to pick up a spare key in our office. The key must be returned to the office on the same day.

After business hours, a charge of $50.00+HST will apply.

Will my rental unit be inspected?

Yes. Property inspections will be made on a periodic basis. Notice will be given in writing a minimum of 24 hours in advance and we will always aim to arrange the inspection at a mutually convenient time.

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