Rental property owners need to consider a number of different factors when they’re choosing a management company to lease and maintain their investment properties. You want a team that’s experienced and service-oriented, but you also want consultants who are going to do more than simply collect rent and place tenants. You need smart, market-savvy advisors who can help you earn more on your assets.

Today, we’re sharing some of the reasons that the owners we work with trust us so completely. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of why you should work with Spotted Properties when you need management services for your Hamilton rental home.

Better Tenants and Lower Vacancy

We know that a great rental experience starts with a great tenant. To really succeed with an investment property, you have to keep it occupied. We help our owners avoid the expense and stress of vacant properties by marketing homes strategically, screening tenants to find the best possible renters, and developing a respectful and professional relationship with those tenants to ensure retention and long-term commitments.

When you have a good tenant in place who is willing to renew the lease year after year, you earn more money. There’s a better chance that your home is being cared for, and you won’t have to worry about finding new tenants or making repairs and updates between residents every year.

Our marketing efforts are geared towards tenants who are responsible, reliable, and ready to find a new home for more than one year. When we screen, we look for a history of on-time rental payments, excellent attention to the care of their former properties, and landlord references that confirm the lease was followed and the experience was positive.

Maintenance and Construction Services

We also provide value to our owners by providing construction and renovation services whenever needed. The response to routine and emergency maintenance is fast and well-documented. We can work to get your property ready for the rental market and we can talk to you about what kind of repairs and upgrades will be needed even before you close the deal and buy a property.

Tenants can contact us 24 hours a day for emergency maintenance, and we respond with the urgency you’d expect. We are careful to find the best maintenance prices so you aren’t surprised by excessive repair bills. Our approach to maintenance is to watch your bottom line but never sacrifice the condition of your home or the value of your asset.

Higher Incomes and Lower Expenses

We are property management leaders, and we also understand the financial side of investment properties. Our team loves following the market trends and the new legal requirements and best practices. You can count on us to introduce systems and ideas that will help you earn more on your rental property and spend less. Your ROI is important to us, and we aren’t successful unless you’re successful. It’s our goal to drive up you cash flow and your long term returns.

These are just a few reasons that property owners and investors enjoy working with us. We’d love to tell you more, so please contact us at Spotted Properties.