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Rent Your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Our full-service property management team offers homeowners a stress-free transitional experience.

STEP 1 - Sign Agreement

The property management agreement will be sent to you electronically.

The agreement will be signed by the property manager and yourself.

STEP 2 - Start Up Costs

Total start up cost is $782.50 including tax.

This cost includes a $500.00 maintenance reserve and a $250.00 +HST property and account setup fee.

Maintenance reserve: Owner funds to be held and used for maintenance.

Property set up fee: Covers all initial clerical and administrative setup.

Note: 50% off set up of all additional properties.

STEP 3 - Key Management

We ask that all keys are delivered by courier or delivered personally to our office.

42 Royal Ave, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 2C4

Let us know which key does what and we’ll take care of the rest.

STEP 4 - Provide Important Documents

Provide all important documents that you think we should be aware of and email them to your property

STEP 5 - Notify Your Tenants

Let your tenants know that Spotted Properties has been commissioned to take care of and manage your property.

STEP 6 - Sit Back and Let Us Work

Get ready for worry free and quality property management service. We ensure that your property and tenants are in good hands.

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